Fanatics launches new West Virginia online casino site

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If you are a sports fan, you person decidedly heard of Fanatics. The groundbreaking eCommerce tract has grown into 1 of nan biggest names successful nan sports industry. Fanatics sells merchandise, collectibles, instrumentality experiences, and more. The institution entered nan sports betting world earlier this twelvemonth erstwhile it purchased nan American limb of nan Australia-based sportsbook PointsBet for $225 million. Now, Fanatics person entered nan online casino industry. 

On November 16, Fanatics launched a marque caller online casino successful West Virginia. If this “pilot” casino goes good for Fanatics, this online casino tract could spell unrecorded successful different ineligible Fanatics states.

More than a sportsbook

If you are a sports bettor and personification who plays astatine online casinos, you person astir apt noticed that astir sports betting sites successful nan US are besides online casino sites. In fact, it is almost intolerable to find a sportsbook that does not besides person immoderate online casino games available. Well, that is nan lawsuit now astatine least. Prior to launching its caller West Virginia online casino, Fanatics was 1 of nan only sportsbooks without an charismatic online casino arsenic well.

Now, Fanatics joins nan very agelong database of sportsbooks pinch online casinos of their own. At nan clip of writing, nan Fanatics online casino is only disposable successful West Virginia. Fanatics is describing this slow rollout arsenic a “pilot” program. 

New West Virginia online casino features

Because nan caller Fanatics West Virginia online casino is truthful new, Fanatics has not announced galore specifics astir nan project. What we do cognize is that nan West Virginia casino features online casino games from apical package providers, which intends nan tract has big-name games, specified arsenic Megaways slots.

Another point we are still waiting to study is nan Fanatics Casino invited bonus. At nan clip of writing, nary casino-specific prize connection has been announced. However, fixed that nan West Virginia tract is hardly a week old, we are consenting to stake that nan Fanatics Casino invited prize will beryllium announced soon. 

Fanatics Sportsbook presently offers caller players a $200 prize from conscionable a $10 deposit, truthful we expect Fanatics Casino successful West Virginia to connection a likewise generous invited prize successful nan adjacent future. We besides expect nan West Virginia casino tract to summation nan number of array games, video poker, and unrecorded casino games available.

Fanatics Casino could grow to much states

Fanatics are describing their West Virginia online casino motorboat arsenic a aviator program. No 1 from Fanatics has outright said this, but if nan West Virginia online casino goes well, Fanatics will grow its online casino to much states. 

Besides West Virginia, Fanatics Sportsbook is presently ineligible successful Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. These states are nan main candidates for nan caller Fanatics casino to grow to. 

If you are successful 1 of these states, beryllium judge to cheque successful pinch regularly to make judge you are up to day connected each nan latest Fanatics Casino news. We will besides regularly update you astir galore different online casinos, nan champion casinos successful your state, and really you tin declare large online casino bonuses astatine respective online casinos successful nan US.

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