Fontainebleau Las Vegas is Officially Opened 16 Years After Groundbreaking

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Casino news - Fontainebleau Las Vegas, nan latest summation to nan Las Vegas strip, officially opened to nan nationalist earlier successful December.

The 67-story hotel-casino is officially nan tallest building connected nan Las Vegas Strip, and brings much than 3,600 edifice rooms to nan splashiest spot to enactment successful Sin City. The resort, which saw its ground-breaking 16 years ago, costs $3.7 cardinal to build — 2nd only to nan $4.3 cardinal Resorts World.

If you’re not acquainted pinch nan Fontainebleau brand, nan Las Vegas outpost is simply a sister spot to nan iconic edifice of nan aforesaid sanction successful Miami Beach, Florida. Although it’s caller to nan strip, it whitethorn soon beryllium classed among nan best resorts successful Las Vegas.

Here are immoderate statistic connected nan recently opened Fontainebleau Las Vegas:

  • 173,000 quadrate ft casino level pinch 42-foot-high ceilings
  • 1,300 slot machines
  • 128 array games
  • 18,000 quadrate feet of high-limit gaming
  • 14,000 quadrate feet of title and sports booking
  • 96,500 quadrate feet of unit abstraction pinch 35 high-end retailers

Like nan Miami sister property, nan Las Vegas edifice features high-end artwork passim nan building, arsenic good arsenic bowtie designs — a motion to designer Morris Lapidus, who designed Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

The edifice besides features eating options for illustration a trio of Miami-based hotspots: high-end steakhouse Papi Steak, Asian cuisine edifice Komodo, and LIV Club, a high-end nightclub that ranks arsenic 1 of nan top-grossing clubs successful nan full country.

Although Fontainebleau Las Vegas held a splashy and celebrity-filled opening earlier successful nan year, nan edifice is readying connected starting 2024 pinch a literal bang. According to 8News, nan spot will subordinate 8 different casinos and resorts connected nan Las Vegas portion successful launching fireworks for nan New Year’s Eve party.

Officials opportunity that nan Las Vegas New Year’s Eve party, which will transportation distant nan taxable “More successful 2024,” is slated to beryllium nan “biggest firework show successful nan world.”

If you’re readying connected being successful Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve, make judge to portion responsibly — and brushwood up connected really to navigate nan maze that is Las Vegas DUI laws.

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