Hacksaw Gaming expands to New Jersey through DraftKings deal

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Leading online casino games supplier Hacksaw Gaming has conscionable received impermanent support from nan New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to licence its games to New Jersey online casinos. After receiving this license, Hacksaw Gaming announced a caller business pinch DraftKings Casino successful New Jersey. 

New Jersey is conscionable nan 2nd authorities to judge Hacksaw Gaming. The institution first entered nan US online casino marketplace successful West Virginia erstwhile it collaborated pinch BetRivers Casino successful nan Mountain State. 

According to Hacksaw Gaming, they scheme to spell unrecorded successful New Jersey earlier nan extremity of 2023. 

New NJ online casino games coming soon

Hacksaw Gaming is 1 of nan fastest-growing online casino games package providers successful nan world. if you person not heard of them, you astir apt will soon, particularly if you are successful New Jersey. 

Hacksaw Gaming’s New Jersey licence and business pinch DraftKings Casino intends world-class games for illustration Wanted Dead aliases a Wild, Hacksaw’s astir celebrated online slot, and Hand of Anubis will soon beryllium disposable successful New Jersey. 

New Jersey casino players will besides beryllium capable to play different online slots from Hacksaw Gaming, specified arsenic Immortal Desire, Chaos Crew, The Bowery Boys, and Stack ’em. 

Most Hacksaw Gaming slots are precocious volatility slots, truthful they will springiness you nan opportunity to triumph large jackpots. Additionally, these slots games person an mean return-to-player percent of complete 96%, meaning they are very adjacent games. 

In summation to slots, Hacksaw besides has dozens of Instant Win and Scratchcard games. These games will besides apt beryllium added to nan DraftKings Casino New Jersey room soon too. 

Multiple partnerships bring Hacksaw to NJ

Hacksaw Gaming’s New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement licence gives them nan correct to partner pinch immoderate 1 of galore ineligible online casinos successful New Jersey presently operating successful nan Garden State. However, nan existent process of doing that is not arsenic elemental arsenic it sounds. 

Hacksaw has agreed to administer its online casino games successful New Jersey via a business pinch Light & Wonder, different igaming contented company. Hacksaw Gaming besides chose to usage Light & Wonder’s distribution web successful West Virginia, which was nan first clip Hacksaw casino games were legally offered successful nan US. 

Beyond that 1 furniture of partnerships, Hacksaw needs to partner pinch individual New Jersey online casinos. Right now, nan only online casino successful New Jersey Hacksaw is collaborated pinch is DraftKings Casino. Given nan company’s beardown maturation successful nan US complete nan past year, we would not beryllium amazed if Hacksaw announces much New Jersey online casino partners soon. 

Hacksaw “unstoppable,” says CEO

Hacksaw Gaming is simply a well-known sanction successful galore European and Latin American gaming jurisdictions, but it is not a immense sanction successful nan US yet. The institution was founded successful 2017. It is based successful Malta. Hacksaw established itself successful North America successful 2022 via nan Canadian online casino market. Hacksaw is collaborated pinch respective online casinos successful Ontario. 

The institution now has its eyes group connected nan US online casino market. Hacksaw games went unrecorded successful West Virginia successful August 2023. It should person its games disposable successful New Jersey earlier nan extremity of nan year. Marcus Cordes, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming, thinks these 2 states are conscionable nan beginning. 

“Hacksaw is unstoppable successful its ventures. We are ecstatic to spot nan complaint astatine which we are broadening our horizons, and nan headway we are making successful getting nan nickname our contented deserves. There is nary uncertainty that Hacksaw will thrive successful nan US,” said Cordes. 

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