It’s Now Illegal to Stop on Las Vegas Strip Pedestrian Bridges

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If you’re hanging retired connected nan Las Vegas Strip, you’ll want to debar opinionated aliases stopping connected immoderate of nan city’s pedestrian bridges. Here’s why.

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, Clark County officially started enforcing what they’re calling a “pedestrian area travel ordinance.” Basically, it’s a rule that makes it forbidden to extremity aliases guidelines connected Las Vegas pedestrian bridges.

The Las Vegas pedestrian bridges person agelong been a portion of Las Vegas Strip history, and they let visitors to easy make their measurement from 1 casino to different — moreover if they’re connected other sides of nan Strip.

In a connection to nan Associated Press, a spokesperson for Clark County said that nan caller regulations “will thief to guarantee our world-class tourism destination remains a safe spot for group to sojourn and transverse.”

More specifically, nan rule isn’t meant to target thoroughfare performers aliases those who extremity to return pictures connected nan Las Vegas pedestrian bridges. Instead, nan ordinance is aimed astatine bolstering nationalist information by ensuring a soft and fluid travel of pedestrians crossed each bridge.

Clark County commissioners voted unanimously to o.k. nan ordinance earlier successful January. Vegas News reviewed nan matter of nan caller rules, which specifically prohibit group from “stopping, opinionated aliases engaging successful an activity that causes different personification to stop” connected Las Vegas Strip pedestrian bridges.

Additionally, it’s worthy noting that nan ordinance besides applies to up to 20 feet of connected escalators, stairs, aliases elevators. County officials besides opportunity they scheme to instal signs indicating wherever stopping aliases opinionated is banned.

Although officials opportunity nan ordinance is bully for nationalist safety, nan American Civil Liberties Union told nan AP that nan prohibition violates nan correct to free reside protected by nan First Amendment, since nan ordinance would prohibition group opinionated connected nan span holding signs to protest, sharing their faith, aliases performing.

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