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There was awesome news for 1 subordinate successful New Zealand connected nan 5th of August, erstwhile he deed nan jackpot while playing nan Sisters of Oz WowPot! Jackpot slot. With nan apical WowPot jackpot group to break nan world grounds for an online slot payout, nan Major jackpot had besides risen to a immense magnitude erstwhile our fortunate Kiwi managed to people his large win.

The New Zealander registered pinch and aft making a $70 NZD deposit he tried his luck connected nan WowPot slot from Games Global. Playing for conscionable 20 cents a spin, he could hardly judge his eyes erstwhile nan jackpot information was triggered. There are 4 jackpots to play for connected each nan WowPot! games, Mini, Minor, Major and nan monster WowPot! jackpot. While our subordinate didn’t scoop nan apical prize – that remains up for grabs – he was thrilled erstwhile he saw that he had won nan 2nd tier prize which was worthy a cool $398,286.03 NZD (around $240,000 USD).

Here’s a video showing conscionable really he managed to deed nan jackpot:

Huge Jackpot Win

As you tin imagine, our victor couldn’t judge that nan immense jackpot payout was real, particularly since he had been playing for specified a short clip and pinch comparatively debased stakes. When nan triumph was confirmed he was perfectly thrilled, having conscionable bought a location precocious and readying a wedding for adjacent year, nan jackpot consequence couldn’t person travel astatine a amended time!

If you fancy a ace astatine nan jackpot yourself past get signed up to for free and commencement playing 1 of nan galore WowPot! Jackpot slots connected our site. You tin usage your 100% invited prize connected your first deposit to play immoderate of nan games connected site, including those large jackpot slots.

Who knows, adjacent clip we mightiness beryllium penning a station to observe your large win! double money invited bonus
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