Super Bowl Watch Party Scheduled for Downtown Las Vegas

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If you’re looking for a spot to drawback nan Big Game, you should cheque retired nan Super Bowl Watch Party scheduled for downtown Las Vegas.

There will, of course, beryllium galore places crossed nan Las Vegas vale to drawback nan large game, but 1 of them will beryllium a watch statement located astatine nan Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, according to KTNV.

If you’re unfamiliar, downtown Las Vegas is not located connected nan Las Vegas Strip. Instead, it’s northbound of nan Strip and is location to galore old-school casinos — and nan Fremont Street Experience. That makes it a bully prime for those looking for nan best hotels disconnected nan Las Vegas strip.

Event organizers are scheduling a Big Game Bash Watch Party starting astatine 11 a.m. connected Sunday, Feb. 11. Although guests request to beryllium 21 years aliases older to attend, nan arena will beryllium disposable to each guests for free.

At nan Super Bowl Watch Party, you tin expect nan Big Game to beryllium streamed connected a monolithic halfway screen, arsenic good arsenic a brace of 22-foot LED screens. Additionally, location will beryllium unrecorded likelihood provided by Circa Sports.

As you mightiness expect, nan Super Bowl Watch Party will besides characteristic a assortment of nutrient vendors, including:

  • Birria Bros
  • Cooking pinch Gas
  • Custom Pizza Truck
  • Milkshake Wasted
  • Southern BBQ Pit
  • Dragon Grille

Although nan arena is free to attend, location will beryllium reservable tables and backstage man caves disposable to rent. Each man cave will fresh betwixt 15 and 30 group and person a backstage 70-inch LED TV, arsenic good arsenic entree to brew pong tables, backstage restrooms, leather couches, and Super Bowl snacks.

Not successful nan temper for a downtown Las Vegas Super Bowl Watch Party? Then cheque retired nan Vegas News study connected Guy Fieri bringing Flavortown to Sin City.

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