The Best Car Museums in Las Vegas in February 2024

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Best Car Museums successful Las Vegas

The sparkling lights of Las Vegas are not only a beacon for gaming and unrecorded shows but besides a hub for automobile enthusiasts. The metropolis boasts immoderate of nan astir eclectic and awesome car museums successful nan nation, each 1 offering a unsocial travel done nan history of automobiles. From vintage classics to exotic supercars and everything successful between, these museums are wealth troves for those passionate astir automotive design, engineering, and history. 

Whether you’re a motorhead, a history buff, aliases conscionable looking for a alteration of gait from nan casino floor, nan car museums successful Las Vegas present an acquisition that’s arsenic thrilling arsenic a rotation astir nan track. Join america arsenic we research nan apical car museums successful nan Las Vegas area, wherever nan bequest of nan automobile is displayed successful each its glory.

Shelby Heritage Center 

The Shelby Heritage Center is simply a shrine to American musculus powerfulness and ingenuity, celebrating nan bequest of Carroll Shelby and his iconic creations. Located conscionable disconnected nan Strip, nan halfway offers free admittance to enthusiasts eager to get up adjacent pinch a fleet of legendary Shelby cars. From nan earthy powerfulness of nan Shelby Cobra to nan sleek lines of nan latest Shelby Mustangs, nan practice halfway not only displays these beasts but besides tells nan communicative of their creator. The guided tours enrich nan experience, offering insights into nan cars’ creation and nan history of Shelby American.

  • Address: 6405 Ensworth St, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Phone: (844) 974-3529
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Sat 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Sun 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg

Delve into nan glamorous world of cinema and tv astatine nan Hollywood Cars Museum, curated by nan legendary car customizer Jay Ohrberg. This depository is simply a tribute to immoderate of nan astir celebrated vehicles ever to grace nan screen. Here, visitors tin spot celebrated cars for illustration nan DeLorean clip instrumentality from “Back to nan Future,” Herbie from “The Love Bug,” and nan Batmobile. The postulation is simply a operation of original vehicles and religious replicas, each pinch a communicative tied to its on-screen legacy. The depository not only serves arsenic a locomotion down representation lane but besides arsenic an acquisition assets connected nan creation of car customization successful nan intermezo industry.

  • Address: 5115 Dean Martin Dr UNIT 905, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  • Phone: (702) 331-6400
  • Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day

National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) 

Located a spot extracurricular of Las Vegas, successful Reno, nan National Automobile Museum showcases a breathtaking postulation of much than 200 vehicles that exemplify nan history of automobiles. Once portion of nan monolithic postulation of casino magnate Bill Harrah, this depository presents a meticulously organized travel done time. Visitors tin marvel astatine everything from horseless carriages to celebrity-owned cars, and moreover vehicles that correspond important milestones successful automotive innovation. The depository is laid retired successful “streets” that correspond different eras, complete pinch period-appropriate backgrounds, making it an immersive humanities experience.

  • Address: 1 Museum Dr, Reno, NV 89501
  • Phone: (775) 333-9300
  • Hours: Mon – Sat 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Welder Up 

Welder Up, located conscionable a stone’s propulsion distant from nan Las Vegas Strip successful Paradise, is not your emblematic car museum. It’s a civilization car shop that gained fame done nan reality TV show “Vegas Rat Rods,” showcasing nan imaginative brilliant of Steve Darnell. This shop-cum-showroom displays an array of outrageously modified vehicles, each pinch a backstory arsenic compelling arsenic its design. Visitors to Welder Up tin expect to spot a postulation of cars that blend art, engineering, and imagination successful ways that defy convention, reflecting nan rebellious tone of Las Vegas itself.

  • Address: 3160 S Highland Dr Suite D, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: (702) 862-4723
  • Hours: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day

Liberace Garage

Liberace Garage successful Paradise, Las Vegas, is an bonzer grounds that pays homage to nan flamboyant style and showmanship of nan legendary entertainer, Liberace. This depository is location to a sparkling postulation of nan pianist’s civilization vehicles, including his mirrored Rolls Royce and nan crystal-covered roadster he drove connected shape astatine nan Las Vegas Hilton. The cars are arsenic royal arsenic Liberace’s shape costumes, each a portion of automotive and intermezo history. Visitors to Liberace Garage tin delve into nan opulence and extravagance that defined Liberace’s profession and individual brand, making it a unsocial extremity successful nan bosom of Las Vegas.

  • Address: 5115 Dean Martin Dr UNIT 905, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  • Phone: (702) 330-4225
  • Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day

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