This Las Vegas Company Mixes Cosmetics with Safety

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A Las Vegas institution named Esoes Cosmetics is coming retired pinch a caller merchandise that mixes constitution and women’s safety.

Local resident Joy Hoover, nan laminitis of Esoes Cosmetics, is 1 a ngo to thief women enactment safe crossed nan region — whether they’re having a nighttime connected nan municipality astatine nan best Tiki bars successful Las Vegas aliases a quiet portion astatine a daytime lounge aliases club.

That’s wherever Esoes Cosmetics comes in. The institution makes lipsticks successful 5 different colors, but they each person a secret. Hoover told 8 News that nan thought down them is “covert safety.”

Basically, each Esoes Cosmetics lipstick comes pinch roofie trial strips that you tin dip into a drink. Once you trial a drink, you conscionable put nan trial portion backmost into nan lipstick, and successful a fewer minutes, it’ll find whether nan portion has been spiked aliases not.

That’s not nan only instrumentality beyond this spy-like lipstick. The lipstick itself besides comes pinch a panic fastener that connects to a customizable information app.

With 24/7 monitoring, nan information app lets users nonstop messages aliases telephone calls to their chosen contacts pinch nan push of nan panic button. Once it’s been activated, nan app will dispatch first responders to nan user’s location if they don’t reply a telephone aliases if they input nan incorrect concealed PIN number.

Back successful July, Hoover officially opened nan merchandise for orders. So far, she has received much than 75,000 orders from group each crossed nan country.

The Esoes Cosmetics starter battalion comes pinch a azygous lipstick colour and trial strips, and costs $65. There are presently 5 colors available, and users tin besides bid further trial strips for $3 a piece.

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